28 March 2012

CA Courts computer network, $500M FAIL!

Two-billion dollars would buy enough cat5e to run along the I-5 the length of California ten-thousand times!

Over the past decade California has spent a quarter BILLION dollars trying to set up a computer network that would connect court houses across the state's 58 counties. The TWO BILLION dollar project was to modernize the court system's computers to the level of peerless records accessibility experienced at the DMV.

So It's 2012, I can order some shoes from China on my phone while driving down the freeway,  but a courthouse in LA can't get files from a courthouse in Sacto? The good thing is they only spent $500K on this project, with only 5 counties connected, before they pulled the plug. I'm guessing these are the small counties up north too.
There are about 2,300 judges in the California courts, at $499 a piece we could buy each one an iPad and have them use Dropbox, after tax that would still be under $125K.

Read more at the San Jose Mercury News

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