29 June 2012

71% of Americans agree that ignorance is bliss.

New Study Finds Americans Unaware of Local Disaster Communications

Despite a record-breaking year of federally declared disasters in 2011, including floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and wildfires, many Americans still lack basic awareness of their local emergency communications systems. At the BE Safe America Congressional Briefing presented by Safe America Foundation at the U.S. Capitol, Federal Signal Corporation today announced the findings of the 2012 Public Safety Survey, which takes a hard look at how knowledgeable and prepared Americans are for emergencies. While the survey found that more than 56 percent of Americans believe they are aware of the steps they need to take should disaster strike, the results uncover a shocking lack of knowledge—and even indifference—surrounding emergency alerts and notifications.

Read the entire press release here.

15 June 2012

Pasadena PD now in the clear, sort of...

Yesterday the Pasadena Police Department released a press statement announcing a non encrypted ICIS talk group of 2485, this will allow the public to listen to the initial dispatch, incident type, location and time of Pasadena PD calls.

From the release:
The Pasadena Police Department is increasing its public information efforts by providing more crime statistic information on its website and the radio frequency codes for the public to listen to radio calls for service. 

11 June 2012

Kings win Stanley Cup!


Congrats to the Los Angeles kings for winning their first Stanley Cup! In related news LAPD is on city wide tactical alert, but for now it sounds like people outside Staples Center are behaving themselves. We'll see if anything happens after the sun goes down.

03 June 2012

Report on LAPD 12 hour system failure

A report from the General Services Department regarding the April 3rd power failure of LAPD's radio system on Mt. Lee is out.


However this doesn't go into why the supply of power from the "Uninterrupted Power Supply" was suddenly interrupted, during a routine test, other then the manufacturer (Emerson Network Power) saying the power supplies need to be properly maintained.