25 June 2013

Las Vegas Metro signs deal with Big M.

Last year the Las Vegas Metro Police Department decided to ditch their fairly new but less then functional OpenSky system after years of it being an absolute failure. As of last week Las Vegas Metro signed a deal with Motorola Solutions to set them up with a 31 site 700MHz Phase II P25 system and a crap ton of APX portables. The new system will create region wide communications across Clark County and most of Southern Nevada, not to mention being able to actually communicate across town. 

It just goes to show the economy must be turning around, Vegas is back and Motorola's stock price is starting to go back up. 

Read more about the new system at DailyFinance.com

03 June 2013

Field Day 2013 June 22-23rd

Field Day 2013 is coming up. I'm not a big DX extraordinaire, but I try to stop by a local field day event make a few contacts, check out some impromptu emergency power setups, and snag some pizza.

If you have no idea what "Field Day" is go here to find out more.

If you are in the Diamond Bar area check out the W6SCE group they are usually pretty laid back and open to new people who want to check things out, and they don't have too much ham stink. 

Been along time

Well to say the least this blog has been on the back burner for a while. Some personal issues and work related moves have kept me tied up. Also my primary OHV rig was recently destroyed by an unattentive driver and I have been spending my free time getting my new rig up and running, which I hope to have photos uploaded soon.

Meanwhile shutouts to my buddy DynoTronics for winning the LayerOne 2013 badge hacking contest.