17 May 2012

Solar Eclipse Warning!

Frankie MacDonald is back with some warnings regarding this Sunday evening's solar eclipse over the west coast. 

02 May 2012

"Occupy" punk assaults LAPD officer

I nominate this guy for Mother ƒµ©k∑® of the Month! 

Tuesday, May 1st at the down town May Day occupy/commie/labor/union/anarchist rally this ass-hat decides to assault a female officer at 4th and Hill by sucker-punching her with a snare drum.

Fortunately someone with a conscience was recording and posted the video of the attack on YouTube. If anyone knows who this piece of garbage is you can anonymously drop a dime on his ass by calling the LAPD tip line at 800-222-TIPS (8477)

LA Riots: Thin Veneer of Civialization

Chuck Devote recounts the 92 LA Riots

"As soon as we stepped onto Crenshaw, the sergeant locked and loaded. Instantly, I heard the other troops do the same. I stopped and turned around. “Take the rounds out of your chambers,” I said, “This is America, not Lebanon."